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Quick question, maybe i just missed something because it was late when i finished it lol, also spoilers below


I chose to live on the land with my LI but at the end it says my chosen LI didn't understand why i chose the sea? (idk if it matters but i also chose to have 3 friends live with me, maybe that was it)


I will take a look at this. That sounds like a reference to the question a certain individual asks near the end. 

** Spoilers, although carefully worded**

Depending on your relationship with that individual (affinity score - this person the points are hidden but you can see it go up or down if you check glossary), they may or may not prevent an ocean stay. Their affinity has to be pretty high, as they have to spend some personal energy to make that happen! They do allow you to stay on the planet regardless, though. That *might* be what line you got, but again I will take a careful look at branching, and thank you for letting me know!

I'll update here one way or the other , and test the branches there myself a few times. 

Side note - the quickest way to earn their affinity is to praise what they own.

oh i see, i'll play through again when i have to time and try to see where i went wrong lol, thank you

Hey there! I ran through quite a few more plays and I believe I know what this may be. I will try to be as clear as possible while being as spoiler-free as possible.

You never actually say who the LI is, so I am going to guess it is NOT the islander. A couple of things on that - First, not all LIs can end up in all places. One in particular will never leave the ship no matter what, for example. Second, the individual I mentioned who asks the big question near the end will NEVER do a favor for more than one person. So whether or not YOU earn a favor, it will NOT be passed on to a... friend. This person is not THAT nice. So that may also have affected the ending dialogues.

All of that said, I do think some specific branches like that ^ could be a bit more clear, so I am going to patch in a few lines here and there that hopefully make it that way. I also spotted a few other tweaks I want to make while I was testing for this, so I will add those into the batch. I'll plan on patching sometime in the next week, and I'll list the changes in patch notes. 

Thank you very much for the feedback! It always helps a ton :)