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Dev Log # 1  - Telvoikai VN, coming soon... ish?

Hello and thanks for taking time to read! I am very excited to be announcing what I hope will be a string of visual novel games that use an engine I built from scratch using Godot. The original intent was to make a dialogue system for a jrpg- but I realized I really wanted all of my current stories from other platforms playable in visual novel format first!

The first one is this; Telvoikai. I have the intro and chapter one playable, but I am still working out a lot of bugs in the system as well as adding more polish to the script.

Progress so far:

* save/load system with multiple, customizable named slots (time-stamped if not custom named).
* customizable main character with slowly growing assets to choose from
* bone animated framed characters
* autoplay
* glossary with character information unlocked as you meet them
* 'holographic' special scenes that go into your 'pda'

What I am still working on:

* Making sure all the customizations to the main character load exactly as they were
* Testing what a 'patch' does to save files... or doesn't
* Smoothing out parts of the demo script I feel are awkward yet
* Other bug and polish areas I will add in more detailed logs as I go!

If this interests you, give a follow! If you want to provide feedback and be part of the development, join my Discord, I'd love to hear from you!

~ Corvaena

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So is it just downloadable or in the future will we be able to play it without having to download it?


A good question! For sure Mac and PC, as those are 'easy' exports. I also will likely have an Android build. Iphone is unlikely as I do not own a Mac, and the least expensive one I can find is currently out of my budget range. (I do keep searching for one, though!)

Browser playable is tricky - because I am seeing conflicting information on if it can be reliably charged for or not. I know I have players of my other games who cannot access them without browser play, so *if* I can work out charged access (one spot on Itch says I can, but I've not tested it, yet) then it will be browser, too. I do have the ability to export to HTML5, it's more the technicalities on the side.

Ok, thanks for the info.