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Dev Log - Update on Alpha Progress 

Good evening and thanks for stopping by to read!
Progress is going well on the alpha version of the engine I made in Godot and by extension, Telvoikai VN! A huge thank you to those helping with the alpha testing of the engine as it has found bugs and led to playability improvements for all.
I've been busy every day implementing requested edits from testers as well as continuing items I already planned to have added before the demo can be released. 
 A few of the things I added: 
 * Save/Load appearance change
* More hairstyles
* Volume slider is persistent
* Tweaked appearance of some of the animated bubbles
* Replaced more of the placeholder art
* Added an official loading screen
* Various bug fixes and performance adjustments 
* Recustomize character any time
 Some of what I plan to add before a demo can be released:

* Return to main menu button
* Even more CC options for the main character
* Autoplay and text speed sliders
* Achievements screen
* Tutorial / Help screen
* ...and more.

I will continue to update this once a week, and hope to have a playable demo of the first chapter to all of you soon!
~ Corvaena

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