Update-Telvoikai VN Progress

Hello again and thank you for taking the time to check out this post!

I am excited to announce that alpha is still going perfectly, and I believe most of the major bugs have been worked out. On top of that, I have added quite a lot of content requested by testers. A few examples:

* Customize your MC any time (as long as inside the game, not the main menu)
* Sliders for speed of autoplay and base text speed
* Achievements - there will likely be over 50 to collect by the time the game is complete
* Redid the customization menu to allow a 'zoom on face'
* Heterochromia option for the MC
* A 'The End' screen that will display various stats for that playthrough

Now I have turned my full focus to getting a demo available for you to play. A few things I need to do before I can upload one:

* Polish up art even more
* Design the tutorial screen
* Design the 'The End' screen
* Finish the credit screen for anything used in demo
* Add a few more animations here and there
* Fill in the achievements
* Any bugs that may be found in the meantime

So while the 'polish' may take some time, the entire 'demo' worth of gameplay has been confirmed to work now. I just need to make it more 'finished' for all of you! So coming soon!

~ Corvaena

Here are a few more screenshots for you to see!

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