Update- Telvoikai VN

UPDATE- Telvoikai VN

Hello again! Thanks for stopping by.
For the biggest news first: I plan to upload the demo late on Thursday, 7/8 (EST). Based on feedback on the gameplay so far, I have adjusted many little UI tweaks and fixed bugs found to the point it is almost ready! 

Added this week:
* Sound effects for UI and various elements in game
* Edited the tutorial screen and credits screens
* Tweaked UI and transitions based on feedback
* Designed a few more bubble effects, including 'Frosty' and 'Heated'

What is next:
* More graphics polish according to feedback.
* Running tests on various machines available to ensure it runs -and see where it may not.

I can't wait to share and see what you all think of the game so far!
~ Corvanea

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