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Good Evening!

Today I noticed that the Godot engine released a patch. What I do NOT know, is whether or not this patch fixed the MAC release bug that existed before. To try it out, I went ahead and added a Linux and a MAC export for the demo. If anyone downloads these and has issues playing them, please let me know! I can always default back to the debug release of MAC, I have just been avoiding doing that unless I need to.

As for an update on game progress/early release progress:

* I have played all the way through on the full script a few times. I am now going in and testing/adding expressions to the storyline.
* I tweaked a couple of little bugs that were found (hence 1.1.0 patch for the demo).

I still need to do quite a lot of polish and finishing the storyline before I can release early access, but it gets closer every day! Thanks for stopping by and as always feel free to join my Discord for more frequent updates!

~ Corvaena

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