Telvoikai VN - Full story: Early Access

Telvoikai VN Early access is now fully launched!

What is done:

* The full story - though there may be some branch bugs if I've missed them
* Character art - though some may be detailed/tweaked

What is not done: (this is an ongoing list as the game is further developed/feedback received)

* Special moments are mostly placeholder art still
* Not all sound effects added
* Not all special effects added
* Some scenes may be missing expression changes, characters may hang on screen too long, basic "polish" spots may have been missed
* Some backdrops are not finalized- a few are still placeholders
* Various other details/additions I plan before considering the game "complete"

I will continue to put out development logs every 1-2 weeks this time with complete details on what has changed. I've also started a sale for the next ten days as a celebration of getting the game this far.
Thank you for following and as always I'd love to hear your thoughts!

~ Corvaena

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Sep 30, 2021

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ooooooh exciting!