Early Access 1.1.1 Patch Notes - Android a WIP

Telvoikai Update Early Access Patch 1.1.1

First the exciting news: Android is incoming! I have spent the last week also testing the game on my own Android phone, and while I did notice some issues (mainly teeny tiny buttons), the game itself works smoothly. Many of the updates for Early Access will now also include tweaks for Android as I am able to implement them and eventually there will be an Android build available as well!
Now for the changelog. I will flag each list item with one of these three tags: "BUG FIX" = fixed an issue with the engine or the script. "TWEAK" = small fixes for how things run that weren't necessarily a problem, small artwork detailing... "tweaks"! "UPDATE" = this will be things like new features, or finished/updated major art pieces. 
Please note changelogs may have minor spoilers as branching details may need to be mentioned to describe the list item. I will do my best, but if spoilers bother you, be warned!

** BUG FIX **

* The player diving helmet would "stick" on loading a new save file where it shouldn't have.
* Tormia would "stick" after choosing a nice dialogue option in the cafeteria.
* A line when fully romancing Phimeia would cause the script to freeze.
* Specifically choosing Main Menu from the in game popup then selecting "New Game" would cause earned points to "stick".
* If autoplay was set to full speed and text to full speed the timer would outpace the backdrop changes, potentially causing missed lines.
* An art bug would cause one eye to stick awkwardly during a specific emotion.

** TWEAK **

* Altered the animation for affinity losses to go down instead of up. Positive affinity gains still animate up.
* Changed the default character zoom to be far instead of close as torso is generally the first chosen item.
* Changed a layer to fix a bug on Android Title Screen
* Smoothed out a few of the expressions. 

** UPDATE **

* Three backgrounds have been upgraded. Auxuriel's home, the hall outside Gaven's room, and Lyirdan's village.
* During an ocean moment where the player loses their helmet, the item mentioned is now added to the player avatar.
* The "hide menu" button on the side panel now works during choices to allow it to be opened to access "Save"
* Removed some "Happy" effect bubbles, will likely remove more but some are a placeholder for eventual "Romantic" bubble.
That's all for this week, but I have many more plans I will add as I go. Please do feel free to share thoughts on anything you see, I love to hear from you! And as always, some progress screenshots below. (Android captures!)

~ Corvaena


TelvoikaiPCEA1.1.1.zip 105 MB
Oct 07, 2021
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Oct 07, 2021
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Oct 07, 2021

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