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I absolutely loved this game! Being text based allowed my imagination to run wild, expecially with the world being so well developed and the characters interesting. I loved the plot, the lore, and the love interest as well. It has so many branches that you can keep replaying it many times, and still have more to discover. Definitely recommended! 

Thank you so much, Biljanash! It always means a lot to hear how much someone enjoyed the story.

Thank you for creating it!

A great text based game with a fully thought out world and plot that pulls you in and leaves you guessing! Multiple branches and love interests make this game one you can replay multiple times and still not reach all the content. I absolutely love Athos, they're such a brat, but the weapon's master is my favourite love interest. 5/5, literally will be playing again soon!

Thank you for taking time to play and comment! Lubien is a favorite of quite a few people, from what I've been told. So is Athos. Then again, you don't *have* to choose between those two at all. ;)

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I was excited to play this game after I loved the creator's previous work. This game got off to a really good start. We have the protagonist and two of their friends and a solid backstory. Interface was good, art was cool (as with Corvaena's previous work.) I enjoyed playing it though it's quite a bit longer and lore-heavy than Dust of the Violet Crystals.

Thank you so much for the feedback! (As well as your extended version in DM ^_^). It is extremely helpful in shaping any edits to this game as well as future stories.